D-Link DCS-5009L review

D-Link DCS-5009L Review

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Family and our loved ones are the most important and we do everything every day in order to protect them. We want them to be protected and keep an eye on them all the time, but that is not possible in many situations if we are not around them. This article represents a device which will allow you to monitor your home or any other property 24/7 and stay in touch with those who you care for the most. That is D-Link wireless IP camera DCS 5009L. It can be used as a nanny cam, a camera for monitoring pets, the elders or simply to protect your property from the unwelcome guests. D-Link cameras will provide you security because of their fantastic features, such as pan, tilt, zoom and night vision.  This means that you can put them wherever you want and they will provide monitoring large areas of your home or office. Installation and handling of this camera is very simple because it is controlled through a free app and because it is wireless there is no need for many annoying cables which could be very messy sometimes. This model does not require a lot: just a little bit of your time and an internet connection.


Design and Placement

The DCS 5009L camera has a very modern design, but at the same time the usual home security camera look. The measures are 5 inches height, 4 width and 4 depth. It is mostly made of a very quality plastic in black color. The lens is positioned on the top and surrounded by ten ir LEDs which are activated during a night vision recording. It is standing on a base which rotates up to 180 degrees. At the front of the base there are two led lights which indicate when the camera is powered and connected to a network.  There is a little antenna at the side of the base which is a device for connecting to a network. At the back of the base you can notice a WPS button (for connecting to a network), a reset button and two slots for Ethernet cable and a power one.

The camera can be put on a flat surface or mounted on a wall or ceiling, depending on your needs. If you want to mount it there is special equipment included in a package with the camera. This mounting bracket will ad about extra inches to the height. Besides a mounting bracket, you will also find a power cable, an Ethernet cable, warranty information and a quick user guide included in a package.


D-Link DCS-5009L package


Installation and App

When it comes to D-Link camera setup, there is no much to do and there is nothing too complicated about the whole process. First of all, you have to place your camera and plug it into the nearest socket. The led light will indicate when the D-Link network camera is ready to go.  Then you have to install mydlink app, which is totally free and available for all Android iOS and Windows devices, so you can control the camera through your smartphone, tablet or PC. To connect the camera to an internet network you can do it in two ways. The camera can connect wirelessly to a network and this way is very fast and easy if you own a D-Link router. If you own some other kind of a router, it won’t be a problem, but it might take some time. The other way is to connect the camera directly to a router with an Ethernet cable. Some people state that this is much safer, but it reduces the flexibility of the camera to move.

A step-by-step process will take through the app in order to complete the whole setup. After plugging in the camera and recognizing it in the app, you will need to create and confirm a password for your D-Link camera. After that, you can watch videos anytime, anywhere you are. It is also possible to control pan/tilt and zoom options and set motion detection alerts as you prefer.

If you decide to control the camera through a computer, make sure you have installed Java. Even though Java is not so secure language, you will not be able to see the video live feed if your computer does not have it.




D-Link IP camera is a VGA camera and supports resolutions of 160×112 and 320×240 at 30 feet distance and 640×480 at 15 feet (sometimes even 20). There are pan and tilt movements up to 180 degrees which will ensure you to have a wide range of view. The best place for this camera to be put is somewhere in a corner so it can use its features at the most. Even if the camera is placed in a bigger room or something is too far away you can catch everything with the digital zoom.  The recording in a complete darkness thanks to 10 infrared LEDs which allow the vision up to 26 feet.

DCS 5009L has motion detection and when it recognizes a movement it would send an alert in an e-mail with snapshots and video clips to inform you of any changes. You can configure this option in your app because sometimes it might send you a false alert if it records a motion made by the nature (tree branch moving by the force of the wind) or accidently.

There is a built-in microphone, so this camera will not only provide you live picture but also live sound. Sometimes there might be something going on in a room which is not monitored and even that you could not see it you will be able to hear it.

D-Link DCS-5009L package setup



This model is very affordable and has many good features but still has many drawbacks. The digital zoom is only x4 and in most cases very blurry and pixelated. This camera is VGA and not of a such quality to keep the image clear when zoomed and many details are lost with this action. Also the viewing angle is not very wide, compared to other models. Pan and tilt are only possible up to 180 degrees and sometimes the needs are wider than that.

Even though you can listen what is going on in the monitored location, you can’t send a message to people or live beings. There is no 2-way communication and that’s sometimes a big miss in situations when you want to send orders or something similar. When it comes to a sound, there is no an audio detection. The camera will send an alert only in cases when it recognizes a motion and there are times when something is going to happen away from the view angle of the camera.

DCS 5009L does not provide storage of any kind. There is no SD memory card slot or any online storage. When the unpleasant event occurs and you want evidence, this camera will not be able to provide it to you. Video footage is the key element in situations like those and your home security camera will fail you. If you want to save your videos you will need to spend some more money and buy a D-Link Network Video Recorder, or NVR device.

And finally, not having a D-Link router feels like a punishment or a judgment because it takes a lot more time to connect to a router of some other producer. This might give you a headache because you will have to switch to another way of connecting to a network.




D-Link DCS 5009L is a model of home security camera which is one of the cheapest on the market, but owns a lot of good features.  It owns average pan/tilt and zoom features which will ensure you a decent image quality and video clips and the night vision is what makes this camera 24/7 recording device. You can also hear what is going on and that is very important when it comes to surveillance cameras. The app is more than pleasant to use because it is very easy and provides a lot of options. You can be anywhere in the world and control your camera through this amazing application.

The quality of the image is not always clear. In order to be, the conditions need to be almost perfect. If you want to save photos and videos you need to buy additional devices. Even though there is a digital zoom after only x1 the image will be probably blurry. The camera might be a smart choice for a house, but maybe not for a business.

All in all, D-Link home security might not be enough and if you need more you should consider buying newer D-Link cameras.